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IOGS Certification Scheme


With an impeccable reputation for empowering leaders of tomorrow via complete, efficient training and certification programs, the Institute for Oil & Gas Sector (IOGS) is among the top ISO 9001: 2015 certified institution making headway in the industry. At the Institute for Oil & Gas Sector, our commitment is dedicated to satisfying the needs of our clients. With hard work and unrivaled professionalism, we guarantee our client’s immense success and growth in the following industries: petrochemical, refinery and the oil and gas sector.

For personnel who work for the protective coating, thermal insulation, or passive fireproofing, the IOGS Certification is mandatory, as it is a unique plan with universal recognition. While other organizations offer the same training, we distinguish ourselves from the crowd with our efficiency and direct approach in personnel training, as we ensure that we always take into mind, the little things that count. Being certified in any of these training programs endorses an individual's fundamental expertise for working in installation, designing, inspecting and testing, including maintenance in all of the mentioned fields.

Individuals who undergo any of these training programs with IOGS are comprehensively and carefully trained. With us, participants are sure to gain much knowledge that will undoubtedly enhance their competency. To be sure that participants are deserving of our certification, they are required to prove themselves via an authorized assessment.​​

For quality and credible returns for employers or facility owners, we highly recommend hiring personnel who are IOGS certified are expertly educated and proven to be competent in the corresponding field. Being IOGS certified means that your workforce is well equipped to get the job done in a way that untrained employees will not be able to.

Why IOGS Certification

If you hope to become a professional in Thermal Insulation, Protective Coatings, or Passive Fire Proofing, all you need to do is earn an IOGS certification. The reason you need this certification is that it guarantees that you have been well trained and tested to a higher degree than other candidates in this particular field. The invaluable knowledge and expertise you will gain throughout your training course will enable you to perform quality work no matter what challenges you may encounter. This education also gives you the means to observe every single safety precaution to ensure that you complete your task without unnecessary risk or incident, making you an appropriate candidate for any employer who may be looking for applicants to fill a void.

However, your education should be accessible wherever you maybe, that’s why most of our programs take place online. Through interactive videos and textbooks, you will always be able to learn about the subject stated above, as our material will be available whenever you wish to access it. We assure you in-depth lessons, but we also give you the practice you need to excel, as several of our exams and training are provided in the workspace.

Our online learning and real-time, simulated practice make us the best option for your studies. It’s about learning, thinking and innovating, that’s why we are committed to developing effective programs, which can lead to game-changing solutions for you, your company, and the oil & gas industry as a whole.

You as learners can select from a comprehensive variety of online and onsite courses that are focused on your direct needs.