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Protective Coating Inspector - CCI Level 2


Training Highlights/Course Content

  • Corrosion and corrosion control

  • Coating types and curing mechanism

  • Different types of surface preparation methods

  • Different types Coating application methods

  • Metallic and Non-metallic coatings

  • Above and underground coating systems

  • Pipeline and field joint coatings

  • Lining and CWC coatings

  • Application and inspection requirements

  • Applicable industry codes and standards

  • Various types of inspection instruments and their use

  • Coating defects and their cause

  • Calculation and mathematics

  • Inspector duties and responsibilities

  • Adhesion, holiday, peel, dine, and impact testings

  • WFT and DFT measurement

  • Contractor malpractices

  • Non-conformance reporting

  • Preparation of an accurate and clear report

  • Corrosion control by CP (Basic)

  • Coating specification review

  • Coating inspection stages as per ITP

  • Inspections and quality control

  • Health and safety considerations

Course Fee

USD 949.00/-

Learning Mode

Classroom (Training & Exam)


5 Days (4 Days Training followed by 5th Day Exam)

Eligibility to Participate

Option 1: Valid IOGS/CII Level 1 Certification. Option 2: 3 years of work experience in Insulation, or Painting/Coating, or QA/QC field. Option 3: Currently holding a paint certificate such as NACE, BGAS, SSPC, or IOGS (Any Level)


Candidate gets certified under IOGS certification scheme, IOGS issues a certificate of achievement and a wallet card to a successful candidate who gets 70% or higher marks in the closed book examination taken after the training.


Coating Inspector CCI Level 2

Venue: Chennai



Insulation Inspector CII Level 2

Venue: Patna



Insulation Inspector CII Level 2

Venue: Dubai



Coating Inspector CCI Level 2

Venue: Patna



Course Overview

This course is approved by the Institute for Oil & Gas Sector (IOGS), and aims to train inspectors and engineers who work for protective coating field. Protective coatings, such as paint, powder coatings, and wrapping that is applied to steel surface of an object (substrate) to protect from corrosion. These coatings act as barrier between the substrate and the electrolyte (water or moisture) helps preventing the substrate to corrode.

IOGS certified protective coating inspectors will help improve project performance and ensure ITP and specification goals are met through correct installation of a protective coating system at a facility.

Who Should Enroll

The course is designed for QA/QC Inspectors, Engineers, Supervisors, Managers, Painting/Coating Contractor Workforce etc.