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As one of the industry's foremost oil and gas sector educational institutions, we have built a solid reputation for empowering tomorrow's leaders through standardized, quality-assured, comprehensive, and effectual training and certification programs. The Institute for Oil & Gas Sector (IOGS) is dedicated to the needs of our clients, and we work hard to guarantee their future success and advancement within the oil and gas, petrochemical and refinery industry.​​

We at IOGS endeavor to enhance and expand the available knowledge within the industry. Though we first subsisted as ITC Global, we resolved to create a new name that better defined our purpose in this field. So we became the Institute for Oil & Gas Sector, an instructional institution that offers training and certification courses to the individuals who work for plant construction, inspection & testing, maintenance, and shutdowns.​

At our institution, we certify personnel under IOGS Certification Scheme, and we believe that, no matter how much or how little knowledge or experience you may have in your field, through the power of education you can achieve anything in the vital sector in which we work.

​The oil and gas sector is a quickly expanding industry that has a positive outlook for future growth and opportunity. The means to success in this industry is knowledge and hard work. We instill these values in our clients and give them the ability to not only transform their own lives for the better but to transform the world and how we use and develop our limited energy resources.​

When you study with IOGS, you save money and get the education you require for a successful career in the oil and gas, petrochemical or refinery industries.