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Instructor-Led Virtual Course

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Insulation Inspector Level 3

The Insulation Inspector IOGS/CII Level 3 course will broaden your knowledge of thermal insulation and prepares you for the next level of thermal insulation inspection and quality control/assurance.

The course takes you from basic (level 2) to advanced level of thermal insulation inspection and QA/QC and covers everything you need to know for a successful career in the thermal insulation work field of the oil and gas, petroleum, and petrochemical industries.

For your convenience, we are offering our insulation inspector level 3 course via the virtual platform which you can take from anywhere at a specific date and time using an internet-enabled device such as a desktop/laptop, tablet, or smartphone.​

The course is led by an IOGS-appointed tutor, with a proven track record of instilling knowledge with a practical and friendly approach.

The duration of the course is 2 days (8 hours per day), and after completing the course, you can schedule your certification exam (Online/CBT) anytime within 180 days of the course completion.

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Insulation Inspector Level 3

  • Purpose of insulating pipes, vessels, tanks, etc.

  • The 3 common categories of thermal insulation material

  • Physical forms and their use

  • Differences between hot, cold, acoustic, and PP systems

  • Insulation layering based on the thickness and operating temperature

  • The use of liquid, membrane, and foil vapor barrier

  • The use of joint sealant and vapor stop

  • The differences between anti-sweat, cold, and cryogenic insulation systems

  • Liquid-applied thermal insulation coating (GSPU, Novolastic, etc.)

  • Advantages of metallic and non-metallic protective jacketing

  • Why we don't use screws in cold systems, and what alternative options are available

  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI) and Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (CLSCC) Consequences

  • Risk-based inspection to avoid the insulation needs

  • Visible and invisible effects due to the improperly installed insulation system

  • Insulation system maintenance

  • Inspection instruments and their use

  • Applicable standards and manuals

  • Insulation inspection and QA/QC

  • Insulation inspector's duties and responsibilities

  • Commonly encountered issues and their remedial actions

  • Documentation and reporting requirements

  • Practical session/assessment

  • Health and safety considerations

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Insulation Inspector

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IOGS/CII Level 3

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Instructor-Led Virtual Training

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3 Days

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US$ 995/-

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IOGS/CII Level 2



The course is suitable for holders of the IOGS/CII Level 2 certificate. You can enroll in the course if you wish to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of thermal insulation and/or want to upgrade your current qualification to a level 3 insulation inspector qualification.

We have switched from our traditional classroom-based course to a virtual course led by an instructor, this is to make it easier for anyone who does not have time to travel from one place to another to attend our traditional courses held in the classroom at a specific location. Our virtual courses have now eliminated the constraints such as geographical location and time (travel, etc.).


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the use of thermal insulation

  • Categorize and select the different types of insulation materials for the use

  • Know the concept of using hot, cold, acoustic, and PP insulation systems

  • Recommend the insulation system type and thickness requirements based on the operating temperature

  • Find out the ways to prevent CUI and unnecessary heat loss

  • Have an understanding of insulation system designing

  • Demonstrate the use of inspection instruments appropriately

  • Implement the applicable standards and manuals

  • Carry out insulation inspection and quality control/assurance tasks independently.


The 2 popular learning options with IOGS

How you can enroll/join the insulation inspector level 3 class


Current Available Class Schedules

Apr 24 - 26, 2024  |  Venue: @Virtual Platform

Jun 07 - 09, 2024  |  Venue: @Virtual Platform

Aug 22 - 24, 2024  |  Venue: @Virtual Platform


Write an email to for a customized training at your facility.

Not eligible for L3? Take our Level 2 ONLINE COURSE first 




Readout the answers to the questions asked frequently
  • What is the eligibility requirement to take the Coating Inspector Level 3 course?
    With a valid Level 2 Coating Inspector qualification you are eligible to take our Level 3 Coating Inspector course.
  • Is the Level 3 Coating Inspector course available virtually?
    The Coating Inspector Level 3 course is currently offered in a classroom at our training centers in India and the UAE.
  • How long is the Coating Inspector Level 3 course?
    The training lasts 4 days, followed by the 5th day of the exam.
  • How can I enroll in the coating inspector level 3 course?
    You can enroll in the course by clicking this link:
  • How can I participate in the coating inspector level 3 course?
    Please watch this video tutorial.
  • How to check the exam result?
    You can check the results online at
  • How will i get my certificate?
    IOGS issues a certificate and ID card to a candidate who scores 70% or more on the exam. Once your results seem successful, you can download the certificate from our website.
  • Would you also provide accommodation for the stay during the training?
    No, the candidate will need to arrange and bare the accommodation/travel expenses by themselves. We often provide the list of the hotel nearby the training venue. You can book a hotel from the list if needed or request to us to book a hotel on your behalf with actual charge/price.
  • What if i am unsuccessful in the exam?
    You have the option to retake your exam for a fee of US$ 175/-.
  • What is the validity of the certificate issued by IOGS?
    The validity of the certificate is 3 years, you can renew it within 90 days of the certificate expiry date according to the requirements of IOGS_Certificate_Renewal.
  • What is the course fee for the Level 3 Coating Inspector?
    The course and exam fee for the coating inspector level 3 is US$ 925/-
  • My queries are not answered in the FAQs listed here, how can I contact the institute for the unanswered queries/questions?
    There are multiple ways to contact IOGS: Way 1 Write to us at Way 2 Contact us via call at +91 73 690 42 996/7/8 Way 3 Click here and follow location map to visit the institute
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