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Insulation Inspector Level 3


Classroom (Course and Exam)


USD 795/-

Course overview

The IOGS/CII Level 3 course is a 4-day classroom-based training program that extensively covers the rudiments of thermal insulation inspection and quality control. If you are an IOGS/CII level 2 inspector or an experienced QA/QC inspector, manager, engineer, or supervisor, here is your best chance at becoming a certified IOGS/CII Level 3 Insulation Inspector.

The course is held at a set time, date, and location, and upon the course completion which is on the fourth day of the course, students will take a written and oral examination. Successful candidates will be awarded the IOGS/CII Level 3 Insulation Inspector certification.

The course is handled by an IOGS appointed tutor and invigilator, with a track record of instilling knowledge using a practical and friendly approach.

Topics covered include:

  • Purpose of insulating pipe and vessels

  • Insulation materials and their categories

  • Various types of physical forms

  • Accessories materials

  • Purpose of vapour barrier/stop, and joint sealant

  • Use of primary and secondary vapour barriers

  • Membrane and liquid type vapor barriers

  • Metallic and non-metallic jacketings

  • Jacketing finishes and coatings

  • Single and multi-layer insulation systems

  • Hot, PP, and acoustic insulation systems

  • Anti-sweat, cold and cryogenic insulation systems

  • 5LPP and 5LPE insulation systems

  • Thermal insulation coatings

  • Mesh type insulation system

  • Insulation System Designing (basic)

  • Anti-corrosion coating systems used under insulation

  • Coating inspection and common defects

  • Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (ESCC)

  • CUI overview and prevention strategies

  • Non-destructive inspection techniques for the CUI Detection

  • Inspection plugs or windows

  • Risk-based inspection to avoid the need of insulation

  • Area's of concern to reduce heat loss/gain

  • Use of expansion and contraction Joints and springs

  • Applicable insulation codes, standards and manuals

  • Insulation Inspector duties & responsibilities

  • Project insulation specification and ITP

  • Drawings and specification review

  • Insulation inspection & quality control/assurance

  • Inspection instruments and their use

  • Visual inspection and common defects encountered

  • Thickness measurement using PI tape

  • Hardness, adhesion, and density tests

  • Ratio and cup shot test

  • Health and safety considerations

  • Practical identification

  • Project documentation and reporting requirements

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