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FAQ's — IOGS Level 2 Online Courses

Who should enroll in the IOGS Level 2 online courses?

You can enroll any level 2 courses offered online by the Institute for Oil & Gas Sector if you wish to gain knowledge and improve your current skills in inspection and quality control field of thermal insulation, protective coating, passive fireproofing and welding. The IOGS Level 2 online courses may also be considered as a step ahead to work in the field of quality control/assurance (QA/QC) for the oil and gas industry.

What is the learning mode of a level 2 course?

The IOGS Level 2 online course delivers a series of contents i.e. lessons/topics, videos, quizzes, and the like through its learning management system (LMS). You would need to use a web browser or mobile device to access the course contents conviniently anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

What is the course duration of a level 2 online course?

The course duration is 30 days, and you would be given 30 days' access to IOGS Learning Management System (LMS).

How to access the IOGS Learning Management System?

You would need your login ID and password to access the LMS, the ID and password are sent to you through email upon course enrollment. Click here to access the LMS if you have your login ID and password.

Is the course price include the exam also?

Yes, the fee of an IOGS level 2 online course is USD 375 which includes the course and exam.

How i can enroll an online course offered by IOGS?

You can enroll any of the level 2 online course by clicking here, you would need to fill the form and pay the associated course fee for the course enrollment.

What next, I have enrolled a level 2 online course?

You would receive the enrollment confirmation email as soon as you submit the enrollment form and pay the fee, however, the login credentials to access the IOGS LMS is sent within 24 hours of the course enrollment.

I have received my login credentials, what next?

You can logon to our website to access the LMS via student login option given on the top right side of the page. Please watch this video that explains how you can access the IOGS LMS.

How and when i can take the exam of a level 2 online course?

You can take your exam online from anywhere and anytime within 30 days of the course enrollment. Please watch this video that explains how you can take the exam of a level 2 online course.

I have completed my online exam, what next?

The exam result can be checked online be clicking here. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the exam result to announce. You would need to use your enrollment number and your name for your result to appear online.

What percentage of marks required to clear the exam of a level 2 online course?

You would need to achieve 70% or higher marks.

I have cleared my online exam, what next?

IOGS issues a certificate of achievement and a wallet card to a successful candidate who gets 70% or higher marks in the examination taken online.

What if i am not successful in the exam?

Exam fail notice will be issued and sent to your email. You would have one more chance to re-attempt the exam online within 90 days of the first attempt by paying the exam fee of USD 49. You can enroll the exam by clicking here, upon enrollment a 7 days LMS access is granted to you for the course refreshment before you re-attmept your exam, and you must take your exam within 7 days of the enrollment.

When i will get my certificate and wallet card?

It takes 3 weeks for the certificate and wallet card to produce after the result. You would receive the scan copies to your email before we dispatch the originals to your home or work address.

What is the certificate validity?

The validity of any certificate issued by the IOGS is 3 years. You can renew your certificate within 90 days of the certificate expiry date. IOGS certificate renewal policy to be followed to renew a certificate.

How i can verifiy the certificate authenticity?

By clicking here you can verify your certificate authenticity.

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