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  • What is the eligibility requirement to take the Coating Inspector Level 3 course?
    With a valid Level 2 Coating Inspector qualification you are eligible to take our Level 3 Coating Inspector course.
  • Is the Level 3 Coating Inspector course available virtually?
    The Coating Inspector Level 3 course is currently offered in a classroom at our training centers in India and the UAE.
  • How long is the Coating Inspector Level 3 course?
    The training lasts 4 days, followed by the 5th day of the exam.
  • How can I enroll in the coating inspector level 3 course?
    You can enroll in the course by clicking this link:
  • How can I participate in the coating inspector level 3 course?
    Please watch this video tutorial.
  • How to check the exam result?
    You can check the results online at
  • How will i get my certificate?
    IOGS issues a certificate and ID card to a candidate who scores 70% or more on the exam. Once your results seem successful, you can download the certificate from our website.
  • Would you also provide accommodation for the stay during the training?
    No, the candidate will need to arrange and bare the accommodation/travel expenses by themselves. We often provide the list of the hotel nearby the training venue. You can book a hotel from the list if needed or request to us to book a hotel on your behalf with actual charge/price.
  • What if i am unsuccessful in the exam?
    You have the option to retake your exam for a fee of US$ 175/-.
  • What is the validity of the certificate issued by IOGS?
    The validity of the certificate is 3 years, you can renew it within 90 days of the certificate expiry date according to the requirements of IOGS_Certificate_Renewal.
  • What is the course fee for the Level 3 Coating Inspector?
    The course and exam fee for the coating inspector level 3 is US$ 925/-
  • My queries are not answered in the FAQs listed here, how can I contact the institute for the unanswered queries/questions?
    There are multiple ways to contact IOGS: Way 1 Write to us at Way 2 Contact us via call at +91 73 690 42 996/7/8 Way 3 Click here and follow location map to visit the institute
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