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Insulation Inspector - IOGS/CII Level 2


Topics covered include:

  • Insulation Introduction and Purpose

  • Organic and Inorganic Insulations

  • Fibrous, Granular, Cellular, and Reflective Insulations

  • Insulation Enemies - Heat & Water

  • Fixing Materials and Their Use

  • Purpose of Vapour Barrier, Vapour Stop, Joint Sealant

  • Protective Jacketing - Metallic and Non-Metallic

  • Purpose of Smooth, Stucco, and Corrugated Jacketing

  • Single and Multi-Layer Insulation Systems

  • Hot, PP, and Acoustic Insulation Systems

  • Anti-Sweat, Cold and Cryogenic Insulation Systems

  • 5LPP and 5LPE Insulation Systems

  • Glass Syntactic Thermal Insulation Coatings for SUBSEA

  • Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (ESCC)

  • Use of Organic and TSA Coatings Under Insulation

  • Purpose of PVF, Polysurline and Epoxy Coatings on Sheet Metal Jacketings

  • CUI Overview and Prevention Strategies

  • Area's of concern to reduce heat loss/gain

  • Applicable Insulation Codes, Standards and Manuals

  • Insulation Inspector Duties & Responsibilities

  • Project Insulation Specification and ITP

  • Insulation Inspection & Quality Control/Assurance - Before, During and After the Insulation

  • Inspection Instruments and Their Use

  • Health and Safety Considerations

  • Practical Identification/Session

Course and Exam Fee:

USD 599.00/- (₹ 43,500)

Learning Mode:

Classroom (Training & Exam)


4 Days (3 Days Training, followed by a 4th-Day Exam)


The candidate gets certified under IOGS certification scheme, IOGS issues a certificate of achievement and a wallet card to a successful candidate who gets 70% or higher marks in the closed book examination taken on the 4th day of the training.

Insulation Inspector CII Level 2

Venue: Patna



Insulation Inspector CII Level 2

Venue: Dubai




Course Overview:

This course is suitable for inspectors and engineers who are already employed or acquainted with thermal insulation or protective coating/painting, the course will provide a deep understanding of inspection and quality control of the various types of thermal insulation materials and systems. Due to its importance when processing oil and gas on industries, it is relevant to learning difficulties that could arise when an insulation system is installed incorrectly (CUI, unexpected heat loss/gain, carbon emissions and the like).

IOGS/CII Level 2 certified insulation inspectors would aid in improving project performance and guarantee ITP, and specification goals are sustained through the proper installation of an insulation system at a facility.

Is this ideal for me?

IOGS/CII Level 2 course is suitable for QA/QC Inspectors, Engineers, Supervisors, Managers, Operators (engaged in plant operation), Insulation Contractor Workforce and so forth.

Do I need experience to participate?

You can participate if you have one of the following:

  • You hold a valid IOGS/CII Level 1 Certification.

  • or, you have 3 years of work experience on the Insulation, Painting/Coating or QA/QC field.

  • or, you are currently holding a protective coating/painting certificate from NACE, BGAS, SSPC, or IOGS (any level).