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insulation inspector level 2


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Insulation Inspector Level 2

Thermal insulation is used to conserve energy into or out of a process, almost 70% of the piping and equipment in an oil refinery or industrial process plant are insulated for heat conservation, cold conservation, process control, acoustic attenuation, or personnel protection purposes.

The IOGS Level 2 Insulation Inspector course will educate you to enhance your understanding on thermal insulation and/or develop new skills in insulation inspection and quality control work area.

The course is designed to learn at your pace and convenience from anywhere and at any time and place via the IOGS Learning Management System (LMS).

For your convenience, the relevant course materials, interactive quizzes, videos, and the like, are all accessible online via the LMS by using a web browser of an internet-enabled device like a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Access to the LMS is given for 30 days, and within 30 days of the course enrollment, you take a web-based exam, which, if cleared, makes you eligible for Insulation Inspector IOGS/CII Level 2 Certification.

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Insulation Inspector Level 2

  • Purpose of thermal insulation

  • The mediums of heat transfer

  • Insulation material's physical forms

  • Properties and characteristics

  • Insulation terms and definitions

  • Thermal insulation systems and coding

  • Insulation accessories

  • Fastening materials

  • Metallic protective jacketing's

  • Non-metallic protective jacketing's

  • Expansion and contraction joints