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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The oil and gas refineries are highly sophisticated industrial facilities transforming crude oil into valuable products used in an array of applications. Mechanical systems, such as; piping, chimney stacks, steel columns, and vessels are an important part of any refinery.

These mechanical systems carry a stream of liquids or gases between the large chemical processing units for the crude oil separation process. Thermal insulation is needed throughout the entire facility in order to aid with the processing of the crude oil as each step in the separation process requires careful monitoring and temperature resistance or control.

A medium-sized oil refinery contains 465 miles of insulated piping and 1.8 million square feet of insulated equipment.

quality control inspector

You can expand your knowledge on Thermal Insulation by joining online and/or classroom-based courses. Click Here for the List of Available Courses

If you are looking forward to starting your career in the oil refinery and industrial process plant, then choosing your career in thermal insulation field could be the best fit for you. The following two options that are available for you to work in the thermal insulation field are:

  1. Quality Control

  2. Construction

Before you apply for any available job in the thermal insulation work field, you should first need to acquire knowledge in the thermal insulation by taking up the thermal insulation courses. If you select the quality control work field of thermal insulation you would have to take up quality control inspector courses, and if you decide to work for the thermal insulation construction field (i.e. installation, fabrication, maintenance, designing, etc.) the Diploma in Thermal Insulation course will be the best fit for you.

thermal insulation course

1. Quality Control Inspector - Thermal Insulation

2. Diploma in Thermal Insulation

The Institute for Oil and Gas Sector (IOGS) offers courses in both categories online as well as in the classroom environment.

Before diving into why you should go for the thermal insulation courses in the above two categories, let's discuss what thermal Insulation is all about!

What is insulation?

Brief on Thermal Insulation

The insulation, or more correctly Thermal Insulation, is a material or system that has the property of resisting the transfer of heat or sound. Insulation plays a major role in conserving the heat energy of a refinery or process plant. A medium-sized oil refinery contains 465 miles of insulated piping and 1.8 million square feet of insulated equipment.

Low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance are the two most desirable properties expected from thermal insulation material. The following 5 major reasons why an oil refinery or industrial process plant requires its mechanical system to be insulated are:

  1. Energy conservation

  2. Condensation control

  3. Process control

  4. Personnel Protection

  5. Noise Control

A mechanical system, when insulated improperly, can have a various negative impact on a refinery or process plant, some of such impacts are listed below:

  1. Energy loss

  2. Catastrophic failure due to CUI

  3. Large maintenance budget required due to CUI

  4. Carbon emission

  5. Downtime

How the training on Thermal Insulation can be benefited you?

There is a trend in the industry to hiring a skilled and well-trained workforce for each work categories that the industry is having. The industrial companies only hire skilled employees who hold the necessary qualifications to perform their role, and they consistently go above and beyond in the performance of their duties. Skilled workers are known to be an asset for any organization and/or industry as they play a large role in developing the reputation and ongoing success of the organization/industry.

The following qualification/training courses offered by the Institute for Oil & Gas Sector (IOGS) will make you eligible to apply and grab the work opportunities available in the thermal insulation field.

Quality Control Inspector Courses

Insulation Inspector Level 2 - Online Course

Course Code: IOGS/CII

Click Here for More Details

Online learning is certainly a more effective option for continual professional development and/or to learn new skills.

IOGS is offering its prospective student to improve their current skill by learning online. This is a very suitable online program for working individuals in the industry and the students. (Beginners and fresher are most welcomed). This online course is offered through the IOGS Learning Management System (LMS). You can access the course through LMS at any time and place. The maximum duration of this online course is 30 days following a web-based online exam. The successful candidates are awarded the Insulation Inspector Level 2 certification.

The course is most suitable for those who may not have the time or resources to participate in a traditional classroom-based course. The diversified course is covering the thermal Insulation topic as a whole. You will get interactive quizzes, videos, inspection documents that will add to your skill for future prospects.

Insulation Inspector Level 3 - Classroom Course

Course Code: IOGS/CII

Click Here for More Details

Thermal Insulation Course

It is a 4-days course, headed by the experts of IOGS on a scheduled date, location, and time. Level 3 is ideal if you are currently working in the thermal insulation field and have some relevant knowledge and skills, usually from a role where you've been supervised, and you have time and resources available in participating the course on the scheduled location and date/time.

The attendees receive hands out theoretical and practical training on the relevant subject for 3 days. On the fourth day of the course, you seat for a closed book examination. The successful candidates are awarded IOGS/CII Level 3 Insulation Inspector certification/qualification.

If you do not decide to jump into the Quality Control work field of Thermal Insulation, you should take up the Diploma in Thermal Insulation course to grab an opportunity for working in the Thermal Insulation installation and/or construction work field.

Diploma in Thermal Insulation - Classroom Course

Course Code: IOGS/DTI

Click Here for More Details

This is a 30-Days course where the students are given priority to read, learn, and explore everything about thermal insulation, installation, inspection, and quality control. Preparation and assessment of the ongoing courses and generating reports, writing necessary documents such as: specifications, ITP, etc. all are taught in this course. The successful candidates are awarded the completion certificate.

Effectiveness of the Thermal Insulation courses

All the three courses from The Institute for Oil & Gas Sector are promising, and are designed to improve your technical skills. You will surely gain a lot of knowledge, and your skills in the thermal insulation field would be to the next level.

The demand for skilled, trained, and/or certified workforce level programs are high in the industry. Once you grab the required knowledge in this field, you can indisputably work as Quality Control Inspector, Supervisor, Manager, or Applicator in an oil refinery and industrial process plant.

Get enrolled today to your preferred course on thermal insulation at and enjoy life long skill enhancement and professional development career benefits.



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