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Fireproofing Inspector - CFI Level 2

Course Overview:

This 2 days classroom-based course is designed for those responsible for inspection and quality control of a passive fireproofing system that is ingrained in surrounding structures with the sole purpose of stopping fires from starting or spreading.

The course will improve the knowledge and provide depth understanding to the participants on the inspection, testing and application requirements of various types of passive fireproofing systems and materials used to protect a facility or building from cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fires, and is applied on the structural steel members, equipment skirts, bulkheads, piping, and the like for both onshore and offshore installations. 

Is this ideal for me?

CFI Level 2 Course is planned for QA/QC Inspectors, Third Party or Multi-Discipline Inspectors, Engineers, Supervisors, Managers, Fireproofing Contractor Workforce and so forth.

Do I need experience to participate?

You can participate if you have one of the following:

  • You count with a valid IOGS/CFI Level 1 Certification

  • You have 3 years of work experience on the Fireproofing, Painting/Coating or QA/QC field

  • You are currently holding a painting certificate, such as NACE, BGAS, SSPC, or IOGS (any level)

Topics covered include:

  • Fire defense system - Active

  • Fire defense system - Passive

  • Steel limiting temperature and Hp/A

  • Cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fires

  • Initial surface conditions of the steel

  • Corrosion and control methods

  • Environmental condition measurement

  • Surface cleanliness and roughness

  • Measurement of surface profile

  • Bend and twist test

  • Bond strength test

  • Specifications and ITP

  • Dried film thickness measurement

  • Thin and thick film intumescent

  • Solvent-based thin film intumescent fireproofing

  • Water-based thin film intumescent fireproofing

  • Epoxy-based thick film intumescent fireproofing

  • Vermiculite based light weight cementitious fireproofing

  • Stone based heavy weight cementitious fireproofing

  • Jypsum or blanket type fireproofing

  • Corrosion under fireproofing - CUF

  • Helical and straight pinning

  • Metallic and non-metallic meshing

  • Ratio and slump tests

  • Application requirements

  • Most common applicable standards - UL 263, ISO 834, UL 1709, and BS 476, etc.

  • PDS and MSDS

  • Duties and responsibilities of a fireproofing inspector

  • Wet film thickness measurement by bridge and depth gauge

  • Dried film thickness measurement by the depth and electronic gauge

  • Frequency of thickness measurement

  • Visual inspection and acceptance criteria

  • Common defects - painting and fireproofing

  • Repairing methods

  • Bond strength test

  • Top coating requirements

  • Quality assurance and control

  • Health and safety requirements

  • Project documentation and reporting

Learning Mode:

This course takes place in a specialized classroom (Training & Exam).


2 days (1.5 days of training, followed by a half-day exam).

Course and Exam Fee:

USD 749/- (₹ 51,000)


Candidate gets certified under IOGS certification scheme, IOGS issues a certificate of achievement and a wallet card to a successful candidate who gets 70% or higher marks in the closed book examination taken after the training.


PFP Inspector CFI Level 2

Venue: Patna (India)



PFP Inspector CFI Level 2

Venue: Chennai (India)