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Diploma in Thermal Insulation - DTI

Course Overview:

An extensive specialization on Thermal Insulation, this training will provide a complete understanding on insulation: its definition, purpose, materials, resistance of an individual insulation material, commonly associated problems, inspections and quality control, and maintenance.

Is this ideal for me?

It's suitable for starters on insulation, as you will learn from the beginning (the basics) and get specialized knowledge, going deep into the aspects which define it. This course is also designed to educate personnel who already works on insulation installation, inspection and quality control, or maintenance: Foremen, Supervisors, Specification Writes, Engineers, Managers, Plant Operators and so forth.

Do I need experience to participate?

No, there are no previous certifications or experience required, as this course is made for people who want to start a career on thermal insulation; or for those who are already working on the area, but to gain expertise and skills on insulation installation, and inspection and quality control.

Training Highlights/Course Content:

  • Purpose of Insulation

  • Insulation Materials - Fibrous, Granular, Cellular, Reflective

  • Important Properties of an Insulation Material

  • Insulation Enemies - Heat & Water

  • Fixing Materials and Their Use

  • Purpose of Vapour Barrier, Vapour Stop, Joint Sealant

  • Protective Jacketing - Metallic and Non-Metallic

  • Purpose and use of smooth, stucco, corrugated sheet

  • Single and Multi-Layer Insulation Systems

  • Hot, PP, and Acoustic Insulation Systems

  • Anti-Sweat, Cold and Cryogenic Insulation Systems

  • Use of Organic and TSA Coatings Under Insulation

  • Purpose of PVF and Polysurline Coatings

  • Area's of concern to reduce heat loss/gain

  • CUI Overview and Prevention Strategies

  • Applicable Insulation Codes, Standards and Manuals

  • Project Insulation Specification and ITP

  • Insulation Inspection - Before, During and After

  • Inspection Instruments and Their Use etc.

  • Calculation/Mathematics

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Proper cutting from slab and section

  • Make elbows and tees from sections

  • Health and Safety

Course Fee:

USD 1149.00/-

Learning Mode:

Classroom (Training & Exam)


5 Days (4 Days Training, followed by a 6th-Day Exam)


Candidate gets certified under IOGS certification scheme, IOGS issues a certificate of achievement and a wallet card to a successful candidate who gets 70% or higher marks in the closed book examination taken after the training.


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