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Learn Fireproofing Online

Course Overview:

Computer-based training (CBT) program that allows you to make progress and move forward in the time frame that suits you.​​

This course is perfect for anyone who wishes to start his or her career in the passive fireproofing field. You can study from anyplace at your own rate, and access all needed necessary materials electronically with ease from your home or work to prepare yourself for IOGS/CFI Level 1 online examination.​

Topics covered include:

  • Fireproofing Inspector Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fireproofing Overview

  • Fire Classification and Types

  • Certification Bodies

  • Storage and Handling

  • Cementitious Fireproofing

  • Thin Film and Thick Film Intumescent Fireproofing

  • Surface Preparation and Pinning

  • Priming and Reinforcement

  • Fireproofing Application

  • Inspection and Quality Control

  • Necessary Documents and Applicable Standards

  • Reporting and Record-Keeping

  • Health and Safety Awareness

Course and Exam Fee:

USD 249/-